How To Get Clitoral Orgasms With His Fingers

Clitoral Orgasms!!!... His fingers on your clit will be always the easiest, fastest and surefire way for him to give you orgasms!! (Guys click here)

Clitoral Orgasms!!!... His fingers on your clit will be always the easiest, fastest and surefire way for him to give you orgasms!! (Guys click here)

It is actually, as you may already know, the most common way for women to masturbate, simply because we know what feels good; so, we just need to keep doing it until we have the orgasm.

However, for your man it is different, he’s not the one who’s "feeling", so he must learn how to read you and follow your directions.

This article will help you get to know your body even more, and help you teach him how to give you a clitoral orgasm.

A clitoral orgasm comes from the direct stimulation of the clitoral body which is on the outside of the vagina, on the upper part of the vulva. This kind of orgasm feels more like a localized orgasm and is very pleasurable.

Let’s get to know the area first:

1. The Clitoral Shaft

The clitoral shaft hides beneath the skin, and it's actually one of the most sensitive parts of the vulva (other than the clitoral head).

2. The Clitoral Hood

The clitoral hood plays an important part during a woman’s arousal, and it is extremely important that he understands its function; not knowing how to work around the clitoral hood could make or break the orgasm.

This little guy protects the clitoral head which is extremely sensitive. If some movements are too rough on the clitoral head and cause pain, the clitoral hood will actually move down to protect the head.

As a woman moves closer and closer to orgasm, the clitoral hood retracts, revealing the clitoral head in all its glory. However, as a woman reaches the brink of an orgasm, the clitoral head will once again retract beneath the hood to protect against over-stimulation and the ruination of an orgasm.

3. The Clitoris

The Clitoris is the orgasm spot! The head of the clitoris is extremely sensitive, packed with 8.000 nerve endings, it’s only function is to give sexual pleasure to the woman.

The clitoris loves strokes that are rhythmic yet gentle, but as the woman is getting close to climax, it needs a single firmer and faster movement.

Ok, now let’s check some of the fingering techniques your man can use to give you a clitoral orgasm...

Remember that once you have had a clitoral orgasm, it will be much easier for you to have a vaginal orgasm.

First of all, remind him to NOT go directly for the clit! The clitoris is very sensitive, and it can be easily hurt if you haven’t been properly warmed up first.

Therefore, make sure he warms up your body with lots of foreplay, and then he must warm up your vulva; he might kiss and lick all your vulva before touching your clitoris.

Actually, his wet tongue will prepare your clit for the stimulation with his fingers, but if he’s not giving you oral this time, make sure he caresses all your vulva with lube before start stimulating your clitoris with his fingers.

Once you’re fully warmed up and ready for clitoral stimulation, he can use the following techniques:

Clitoral stimulation techniques:

1. Circles over the clit hood

As I mentioned before, the Clitoris is your Orgasm Spot! It is located on the outer side of the vagina at the upper part of the lips.

Because the head of the clitoris is extremely sensitive, it is protected by the clitoral hood.

Due to this sensitivity, direct stimulation can be uncomfortable to you, especially with his fingers; therefore, his first clitoral stimulation should be around the clit, over the clitoral hood, to get the clitoris warmed up and ready for more direct stimulation.

He can start by making circles with his middle finger or his thumb over the hood around the clit. Remember him to make sure you’re really wet, if you’re not, then he can use some water-based lubricant.

2. The clit slide

Once he has spent some time rubbing the clitoral hood and warming up the clit, he can apply a little more of direct stimulation with the clit slide.

He can separate your lips a bit to increase the sensation and tap his middle finger or thumb over your clitoris, then slowly slide the entire length of his finger keeping constant contact with the clit.

He can slide his finger up and down, then side to side, make sure you tell him what direction you prefer the most.

This is one of the movements that will help him build the clitoral orgasm.

Tell him to start sliding your finger gently and slowly and experiment with different directions, once he has found the one that’s taking you off, tell him to stick with that sliding direction and increase the speed and intensity of the rub until you orgasm.

The clitoris loves strokes that are rhythmic yet gentle, but as the you’re getting close to climax, it needs a single firmer and faster movement.

Remember: When he finds the movement that is getting you to climax, he shouldn’t change it, or he could ruin the orgasm.

3. Circles over the clit head

This is another one that can make you come so good!... But he has to make sure that your clit is already warmed up to handle direct stimulation and also that you’re comfortable with his finger directly rubbing your clit head.

Many women like it. Many others don’t. If you enjoy direct stimulation over your clitoris, let him know it.

Once you’re very wet, warmed up and aroused, he can tap his middle finger or his thumb over your clit and create small circles with his finger. He must apply light pressure and start slowly, then increase the speed and intensity as you’re getting close to climax.  

Tell him to not stop the movement until you orgasm.

4. “Jilling off” the clit!

Yeah! You heard me right! Jilling off the clit it’s an advance clitoral stimulation technique that would definitely take clitoral stimulation to the next level.

Here, he will stimulate the clitoris by pumping it up through the protective sheath of the clitoral hood, which acts like a protective foreskin for the clit’s sensitive head.

After you’re really wet and he has warmed up your clit enough that it can handle direct contact, he can separate your lips pushing up gently on the mons pubis to expose the clit.

Now, he would use his thumb and the index finger to gently grasp the clitoral shaft and massage it up and down in steady rhythmic motions. He must keep your fingers on the shaft and don’t pull back too far the clitoral hood.

Let him know if you like that kind of stimulation. This move may take some practice for him to master due to the small size of the clit.

If using his index finger and his thumb is not working, he could try using his index and middle finger to hold the clitoral shaft in between, and apply just enough pressure to massage it up and down.

5. Turning on the clit

This is an alternative to jilling the clit. If grasping the clitoral shaft with his fingers is not being easy for him to do, he can use his fingertips or knuckles and instead of pumping the shaft he can turn it side to side like a key in a lock. He needs to keep a rhythm and not try to go too hard or too fast.

If you’re able to handle the direct stimulation, this movement will definitely give you an awesome orgasm!

Let your man try different moves and tell him what you like and what you don’t. Let him give you variety to help build up the orgasm, but once you’re ready to take off, tell him to stick with the movement that is working and tell him to increase the speed and intensity until you orgasm!...

Remind him to not change the movement or you will lose the orgasm.

Also, keep in mind that after you have a clitoral orgasm, your clitoris will be very sensitive, making it hard for you to have another orgasm here, so it's time for him to move to the G-Spot!

There you go! This is how to get clitoral orgasms with his fingers! Feel free to explore your body to learn more about what you like, and then, simply guide him! He will sure appreciate it!

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