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12 Common Questions And Answers About Anal Sex

Hey Guys! Looking for some anal sex info? There is simply lots of important information about anal sex that you should know to make it safe and pleasurable. (Ladies click here)

Hey Guys! Looking for some anal sex info? There is simply lots of important information about anal sex that you should know to make it safe and pleasurable. (Ladies click here)

So, I decided to put together the most common questions and answers people have about anal sex.

Take a look:

1. Is anal sex safe?

Anal sex can be safe or dangerous depending on how you perform it.

To make it safe, always use protection to avoid STDs transmission, and make sure you never switch from anal sex to vaginal sex before cleaning up or changing condoms because you can spread bacteria, and cause your partner a vaginal infection.

Also, remember that the anus was not designed for penetration; therefore, to make it safe, always make sure you use lots of a good anal lubricant, and go very very slowly and gently with your woman.

If you don’t use enough lubricant and/or you thrust her too rough, you can cause tears outside and inside her anus; this is very painful and can be dangerous.

One last thing: Use appropriate anal sex toys, choose the ones that have a wide, flared base or ring on the bottom that avoid the toy from sliding too far into the anus. Homemade sex toys or vaginal sex toys can get lost in the anus and cause a very painful trip to the hospital.

2. Should anal sex hurt?

Anal sex is uncomfortable for her at the beginning, especially the first few times, but other than that it shouldn’t hurt. If it hurts, you’re doing something wrong.

Make sure, she first agrees on having anal sex, and never attempt to penetrate her “by surprise” without her concern.

Also, make sure you warm her up and get her relaxed very very well, the more she’s relaxed, the easier the penetration, and the less discomfort she will feel.

Always, start the penetration slowly and gradually. 

First use your fingers, starting with your pinky and building your way up to the middle finger.

Only after she’s been able to handle your fingers, she may be able to handle your penis. If she can’t handle your finger, she won’t be able to handle your penis. Always avoid hurting her.

And the most important thing, if she says it hurts, STOP!

The pain is the way her body has to tell her that something is going wrong; you may be causing some tears; so, it’s better to stop and try some other time with more lubricant and more warm up.

3. Can it get dirty?

It doesn’t need to get dirty, but it can get messy.

Let’s face it!... Her anus was designed to flush things out not to have sex; so, if you want to use this part of the body for sexual pleasure too, you must accept and be comfortable with the fact that it can get messy.

If you think you can handle it without making any comments that would make her feel bad, then go ahead and try to have anal sex with her; but, if the idea of it gross you out, then anal sex is not for you.

Now, keep in mind that her regular cleaning habits should keep everything under control, and also fecal matter is stored in the vowel not in the anus; so, most of the times, it shouldn’t be a problem. 

4. Can bacteria get spread and cause infections?

Yes, bacteria can get spread and cause her a vaginal infection if you switch from anal sex to vaginal sex without changing condoms, or washing your penis with water and soap.

Also, your fingers, mouth, and toys can spread bacteria, so make sure you wash everything thoroughly before switching... Or, even better, don’t switch at all!.

5. Can I get STDs from anal sex?

Sure, you both can, just as with vaginal sex or oral sex, if you don’t use protection you can get an STD.

Now, for her, getting something in this area of the body is harder to handle; so, always use a condom even if you guys are in a monogamous relationship.

Keep in mind that anal sex is a bit more risky when it comes to STD’s than traditional vaginal sex because the risk of exposure to blood and other bodily fluids is much higher.

6. Are anal sex toys safe?

Using sex toys is safe as long as you use the proper ones.

Make sure you buy toys made specifically for anal sex. These should have a wide, flared base or ring on the bottom that avoid the toy from sliding too far into the anus.

Remember that the anus does not have an “end” like the vagina; therefore, homemade toys or vaginal toys can get lost in there and cause a very painful, dangerous and embarrassing trip to the hospital.

7. Is my own spit enough lubrication?

No, is NOT!

Your own spit is never enough lubrication for anal sex.

Remember that the anus does not produce its own lubrication; therefore, you must provide it from a good lubricant capable of making the penetration easier and don’t get dry too soon.

Your saliva will easily get absorbed by her body and won't provide long lasting lubrication.

8. What kind of lube is the best for anal sex?

The best lubricant for anal sex is a silicone-based anal lubricant.

This one last longer, facilitate the penetration, doesn't break the condom, and it’s easy to clean up afterwards; it is simply flushed out at the bathroom.

9. Which position is the best for anal sex?

Doggy style may be the best position for anal sex because it facilitates the access, and the easier the access, the less uncomfortable it is for her.

Also, it’s a very comfortable position for her, especially when you place some pillows underneath her belly. The more comfortable she is, the more she relaxes, and the easier the penetration it is.

Elevated missionary position is also a good option. Just make sure you put pillows beneath her butt to elevate her, as well as, under her feet for her legs to rest; so, she can be comfortable enough and not worry about holding the position.

10. Is anal orgasm really possible?

Yes! Anal orgasms are possible, and they actually are very intense, powerful and pleasurable.

With time, patience, and practice, your lady would be relaxed enough to start feeling pleasure, and you will know what to do to give her some of the best orgasms of her life.

You can pleasure her through analingus, anal fingering, and anal penetration. Each one can give her different kinds of anal orgasms, when you master the techniques.

11. Is semen in the anus safe?

Ok, it depends, when it comes to pregnancy, yes, semen is safe in the anus because she cannot get pregnant through anal sex. Now, as far as STDs transmission, then, it’s not safe because semen will carry out the infection or disease.

Other than STDs, it’s not dangerous to ejaculate in her anus, because the semen usually will be flushed out with her next bowel movement; however, sometimes can leak out at some other times as well; therefore, she may not be comfortable with you ejaculating inside of her anus.

It will depend on her personal preference. However, when it comes to sex, especially anal sex, using a condom will be always the best option, anyway.

12. Is using an enema recommended?

An enema can be used to clean the anal canal from any residue of fecal matter before anal sex, or it can also be used afterwards to clean up the semen.

This is a good option that your lady can choose to do. It is not completely necessary, but if she feels ok with it, it can make anal sex even better. Just make sure she doesn’t use enemas too often, because too much douching can dry out the anal canal.

There you have it!

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