Anal Play: 8 Fingering Techniques To Reach Orgasm

Ladies... Curious about anal play? Let him try these anal fingering techniques on you to get used to anal stimulation and warm you up for anal sex. (Guys click here)

Ladies... Curious about anal play? Let him try these anal fingering techniques on you to get used to anal stimulation and warm you up for anal sex. (Guys click here)

Get ready for pleasurable anal orgasms!

Anal fingering is an essential warm up for anal sex because it is the way for him to prepare you and your anus to the sensation of feeling something going inside.

By using his fingers, your anus will get ready to accommodate something bigger... His penis.

Also, anal fingering is a good way for him to gradually start introducing you to the exciting world of anal pleasure.

Therefore, I brought you here some of the hottest fingering techniques that Gabrielle Moore explains in her book “Anal Pleasure For Her”.

Take a look at them, they all will be performed by your man, but it’s always good for you to know what's going on back there, as well as, to give him more ideas!.

Send him this link Anal Fingering Techniques To Make Her Orgasm for him to learn about anal play, and how to pleasure you with his fingers.

Keep in mind that all the prep that you guys need for anal sex is also needed for anal fingering.

Ok, first of all some rules for him to follow:

1. You must have agreed on trying anal fingering. No surprises here!

2. His hands must be clean and soft and his nails well trimmed.

3. He must use plenty of silicone-based anal lubricant.

4. He must go slowly and gently, use his smaller finger first, and build his way up to his middle finger.

5. He needs to communicate with you, and stop if you say that it hurts.

Now, let’s check the techniques for anal play:

1. See-Saw

This is a simple move that will get you nice and warmed up, especially if he applies a bit of oil or lubricant to his hands. He will put his hands flat together, palms touching, and place the outer edge between your cheeks, over your anus and perineum.

With an up-and-down sawing motion, he will rub this very sensitive spot to stimulate and relax the muscles.

2. Teeter Totter

Using the same exact position as above, he will wiggle his hands back and forth at the wrist as he slides up and down this area. He can add extra lube to make you nice and slick, and to prepare for entering the rear passage.

3. Passing The Time

To stave off any boredom while working up to all the fun parts of anal play, the experts who wrote “Red Hot Touch,” Jaiya and Jon Hanauer, suggest for him to twiddle his thumbs!

Using the knuckles of each hand to spread your cheeks apart a bit, he will slowly circle his thumbs around each other so that the pads touch the anus as they pass. He should use lots of lube and increase the speed if you respond well.

4. Making An Entrance

When your level of arousal tells him that you’re ready for more, he’s going to take a hint from the earlier technique of waiting to be allowed in, this time with just a bit of pressure.

Using a well-lubricated index or middle finger, he will put slow, gentle, pressure on your anus; without pushing, he will just apply steady pressure and allow you to suck him in past the first sphincter.

He should rest here, and let you adjust to this new and different sensation.

You need to breathe deeply, relax and focus on contracting and releasing the pelvic muscles, in particular those in your anus.

5. The Waiting Room

With his finger between the two anal sphincters, he has the perfect opportunity to stop and let you get comfortable, adjusting to the feeling of having him inside you in this way.

If you find it too strange, tell him to exit and go again with a bit more lube until you start to get used to it.

When you’re ready to accept him further, he can put the same gentle pressure on your second sphincter, just an inch or two away from the first.

Here again, he needs to be accepted in, and it may be more difficult to coax the inner doorway since it is not consciously controlled. You can’t just relax on command here.

He must just remain still, applying pressure, and wait. If you don’t open up for him, he must take the hint. He needs to move on to something new and come back again another day.

6. Check The Clock

The clock face is a great way to envision just about any erogenous zone when it comes time to explore its idiosyncrasies.

In the same way that he can explore the vulva and the clitoris, beyond the second anal sphincter lies a space which he can explore in this same roundabout way.

He needs to press along the outer edge of the rectum with his finger, stopping to make small circles at each hour. He should communicate with you what he’s doing, and ask for your feedback.

If you remember too, it will help him to memorize which spots are your favorite.

7. Hit The Spot

As it is explained in the book, a woman’s genitals and reproductive organs are all intricately linked, so it may not surprise you to know that he can hit your G-Spot from inside your rectum!

At about three inches into your rear canal, he can crook his finger toward your vagina for easy access to your G-Spot and with a “come hither” motion might just be able to give you a G-Spot orgasm!

If he can pull this off with some exterior urethral stimulation, perhaps using his tongue, he might just be able to see you squirt!

8. The Five-Finger Surprise

If hitting your G-Spot from one cavity isn’t quite impressive enough, why not try for two? This move, in fact, takes two hands to stimulate your entire genital pleasure system from top to bottom, front to back!

With one hand in the position above, stimulating your G-Spot from your anus, he would crook the thumb from the same hand into your vagina, pressing against the rear wall and perineum.

He can begin to make come-hither motions with his finger immediately, or wait until his other hand is in position.

Insert the index and middle fingers of his other hand into the vagina, and stimulate the G-Spot and A-Spot. Using the same technique as in the Three-Way move, place the pad of his thumb on your clitoris, and rock this second hand back and forth, thereby stimulating your entire labia.

If he has trouble making these slightly different motions at the same time, he can focus on one hand then the other, seeing how you respond. He would find a rhythm that works, and use it to take you all the way to orgasm


As you can imagine, all these hot anal fingering techniques for anal play are very pleasurable. If he masters them, he’ll be able to give you anal orgasms, as well as vaginal orgasms, even at the same time!

Also, if he manages to give you an anal orgasm with his fingers, you will be more open and relaxed to let his penis get in, and once it is inside of your anal canal, some other great orgasmic sensations are possible!

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