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Spice Sex Up E-Zine -, Ready For Valentine's Day?
February 06, 2014

Sex Tips And Techniques For Couples

Spice Sex Up E-zine, Issue #001

February 06, 2014

Spice Sex Up E-zine keeps you updated with the best sex tips and techniques to spice up your sex life!

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Ready To Spice Up Valentine's Day?

Hi Ladies!... Hi Guys!

It’s Angela Hernandez with your February Spice Sex Up E-Zine!

Are you guys ready to really spice up this Valentine’s Day?

Yes! Valentines is just around the corner, and it’s time to start planning how are you going to surprise your sweetie this year!

LADIES: I bet you already thinking... Uhmm what can I get him this time???... I hear you! It’s so hard to find gifts for men!!!... On the other side, you may be thinking... What is he gonna get for me???

GUYS: I know... I know... you may not even thinking on what you’re going to get... you have a much bigger issue to worry about... What the hell am I gonna give to her???.... Right? ;).... I know.

Well, don’t worry! I’m here to give you both great ideas to surprise your honey this Valentine's Day!... But wait!... Don’t think I’m gonna tell you... Guys, go ahead and buy your Lady some candy and roses... Or, Ladies, go ahead and buy your man some cologne... Ah!! No no no!

What I’m about to suggest you is going to make this Valentine HOT HOT HOT! Oh, yeah!!... It may take some extra effort, but the extra love and pleasure you’ll get is all well worth it!

Sure it’s going to be romantic, but romance it’s only the beginning! You and your honey have a HOT date this Feb 14 with passion, love and sex!... Hot sex! ;)

I've just put on a Hot Valentine's Menu for couples on my website full of romantic and sexy ideas for you guys to really Spice Up this Valentines, along with great Valentine’s gifts options to give your honey an unforgettable Valentine’s day!

I brought you here a couple of the best ideas I put on my article, but I added a little twist to them to make them even hotter for my Spice Sex Up E-Zine Subscribers! Take a look at them and then click on Ready To Spice Up Valentine’s Day?... Check 10 Unique Ideas for Valentines day! to check the rest of them!

Ok, but!... First of all, keep this in mind:

LADIES: To give your man an unforgettable Valentine’s, it’s all about giving him the kind of hot sex he craves so much!... Not the roses and teddy bears you expect to get... Yeah, that’s cute... too cute for him!... Get Kinky! Be a bad girl this Valentine’s Day ;)... Blow His Mind!

GUYS: To give your Lady an unforgettable Valentine’s, it’s all about giving her all the romance and sweet-passionate love making she craves! Yes! It’s about her... Not you... Sorry!... Romance her all you can, prolong the foreplay as much as possible doing everything she loves... and MAKE LOVE to her!... Now, I bet you, she’s not only going to be extremely satisfied; but also afterwards, she will give you the kind of hot sex you want... just be patient!

Ok, here we go! (Guys, scroll down to see the Valentine’s idea for you)


Send your honey 3 text messages during the day. In the morning, send him a text message telling him why and how much you love him. In the mid-day, send him another text telling him why and how much you desire him, be very specific. In the afternoon, turn up the heat and describe him exactly what you want him to do to you tonight!... Give Dirty Talk a chance! It’s hot!

Now, at night when you guys go out for a romantic dinner. Put on sexy dress, sexy high heels, and a very sexy lingerie under your dress... BUT with NO underwear!... Yup! Leave the panties at home! ;)

In the middle of the dinner, maybe while dancing a romantic song, whisper to him something like: “Baby, I’m not wearing any underwear and that’s making me feel so sexy and so hot that I can’t wait for your lips to feel how wet and warm I’m getting for you”... Knowing this will drive him crazy!

Now, when you get home, blindfold him, take him to the bedroom, take his cloths off, make him sit on the bed and tie him up! Yeah ladies! Get a pair sexy wrist cuffs and tie your man!

Then, take off the blindfold, put on a sexy music and take off your clothes very slowly, revealing your hot lingerie with NO underwear! Yeah Ladies! Give your honey a striptease this Valentines! You don’t need fancy moves, just sexy moves!

After, you've taken all your clothes start touching yourself in front of him!... And, if you want to blow his mind... Make yourself come!

Seeing you touching yourself and coming without him being able to touch, will drive him crazy!... He will be begging you to take off the handcuffs... but you won’t... instead, you’re going to get close to him, put your hands on his penis and give him a great hand job!

Now, want to give him one of the best Valentine’s? Switch from the hand job to a blow job!!!... And blow him away!

Make sure you take a look at these articles at my site:

How To Give A Hand Job:13 Hand Job Techniques To Give Him An Amazing Orgasm

How To Give A Blow Job To Make Him Happy!

Ok, want to make him “suffer” a little bit more?... Never take off the wrist cuff during the entire time!... Instead, when he’s about to come, switch to a cow girl and ride him up all you want! ;)

Remember! You've got the control honey! He’s tie up!... Give him a different and wild Valentines this year! He’s going to love it!


Surprise your woman in the morning with a box of chocolates!... A unique one! of course... Grab some small pieces of paper and write on each paper a reason why you love her so much. Carefully, open the box and put one piece of paper under each chocolate. Attach a red rose and a note inviting her to a romantic Valentine’s night.

Now, through the day, romance her and warm her up by sending her romantic and sexy text messages! Tell her how much you love her, why you appreciate of her and how much you desire her!... This will create lots of anticipation on her!

Then, get some roses, rose petals, candles, massage oils, aroma scents, ice, champagne, strawberries, chocolate syrup, a feather and a blindfold.

Prepare the bedroom with soft music, aroma scents and candles. Tell her you have a surprise for her and blindfold her. Carefully, take her to the room and DO NOT take off the blindfold... at a ANY moment during the night.

You are going to MAKE LOVE to her wearing the blindfold all the time, and she is going to love it!!! The key here is to do everything very very softly and slowly. Let her feel, smell and sense everything without being able to see what you are about to do. Let her know that she won’t be able to see and that she only needs to relax and enjoy.

Take off her clothes, one by one very slowly, take her to bed, and make her experience everything that you bought.... caress her body with the feather, then with the rose. Grab a bunch a rose petals and slowly let them fall on top of her naked body. Let her smell and taste the strawberry, the chocolate and champagne...

Pour the oil all over her body and give her an amazing and relaxing massage!

Now, put the small ice on your mouth and run it down her body. Start on her lips, go down her neck, her breast, her belly, her hips, her tights... until you get to the hot spot! Tease her with the ice a little bit, and then give her lots of amazing oral love. Take a look at 6 Clitoris Stimulation Techniques To Give Her An Oral Orgasm

Want to spice it up even more?

While your tongue is in her clit, surprise her vagina with a sex toy! A vibrator bullet or a G-spot vibrator are great ideas! She’s going to love it! Just make sure she’s open to sex toys. Take a look at the awesome sex toys ideas for her, I put on my site in the Hot Valentine's Menu!

Remember prolong the foreplay as much as possible, make love to her as long as you can, and give her multiple Valentine’s Orgasms!!!... Don’t forget, the key is to have her blindfolded the entire time! That will intensify every sensation!

As you can see Ladies and Gentlemen ;) These ideas may not be the average Valentine’s ideas you usually hear... these take a little bit more preparation and effort... but, I guarantee you, it will be well worth it!!

At the end... Do you want an average Valentines? Or, an over the top romantic, sexy, hot Valentines?... Well, then the extra effort will give you guys lots of extra pleasure and LOVE!

So, go ahead and take a look at Ready To Spice Up Valentine’s Day?... Check 10 Unique Ideas for Valentines day! to check the rest of Hot Valentine’s Menu! ;)... And make sure you take a look at the Valentine’s Day Playbook!! It is full with awesome valentine’s gifts ideas! ;)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Have fun! Enjoy your honey!... and fall in love all over again! :)

See you next month!

Angela :)

P.S. Wish you guys lots of love... and lots of loving Valentine’s Orgasms!

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