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Spice Sex Up E-Zine -, 7 Sex Mistakes For Couples!
April 04, 2014

Sex Tips And Techniques For Couples

Spice Sex Up E-zine, Issue #003

April 04, 2014

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7 Sex Mistakes For Couples!

Hi Ladies!... Hi Guys!

It’s Angela Hernandez with your April Spice Sex Up E-Zine!

This month I bring you 7 Sex Mistakes For Couples That You Must Avoid!

It is actually the topic of one of the most recent articles that I post on my Spice Sex Up Blog and I wanted to make sure that all my Spice Sex Up E-zine subscribers also read it!... Because it's not only about trying new sex tips, it is also about avoiding Sex Mistakes!

The article is called 7 Sex Mistakes That Couples Make And How To Avoid Them and is written by Oprah Love Expert Michael Webb.

Michael Webb is the author of 500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets a book full of ways to spice up your lovemaking, adding more passion, pleasure and intimacy to your experience.

He's one of the Love and Sex Experts that I often make reference on my site. The reason is because from all the sources that I've researched, he's the author of many of the best ones that I can recommend you.

Over the years he has been feature on diverse radio, magazines and TV shows such as Oprah, Men's Health, Cosmopolitan, Woman's Day, Fox News, NBC News, CBS News, ABC News...

He teaches men and women how to improve every aspect of their love and sex life.

In this case, he focused the article on the most common Sex Mistakes couples make and he explains how to avoid them.

I brought you here the 7 Sex Mistakes and the link to the article in my website so you can take a look at the explanation he gives for each one:

7 Sex Mistakes That Couples Make And How To Avoid Them:

    SEX MISTAKE #1: Feeling scared or embarrassed to talk about trying new things

    SEX MISTAKE #2: Trying to convince the partner to make love

    SEX MISTAKE #3: Neglecting foreplay to enjoy intercourse sooner

    SEX MISTAKE #4: Using toys or porn to make your lovemaking better

    SEX MISTAKE #5: Trying to “finish” at the same time

    SEX MISTAKE #6: Sticking to a “set routine” too often

    SEX MISTAKE #7: Trying to make the woman orgasm ONLY from intercourse

There you have them!... Now go ahead and take a look at the full article here 7 Sex Mistakes That Couples Make And How To Avoid Them and do the best you can to avoid those mistakes!

Have a nice weekend... and a nice month!

Remember: Don't fight!... Make Love! :)

Angela :)

Helping you connect with the best information and solutions for a better love and sex life with your partner!

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