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Spice Sex Up E-Zine -, LADIES! 10 Ideas To Seduce Your Man!
June 05, 2014

Sex Tips And Techniques For Couples

Spice Sex Up E-zine, Issue #005-L

June 5, 2014

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10 Ideas To Seduce Your Man!

Hi Ladies!

It’s Angie with the June Spice Sex Up E-Zine!

I hope you're all doing great!

This month I bring you 10 great ideas to seduce your man and avoid routine!

Also, as you all know June is Father's Month and if your partner happens to be also a Daddy :) then the topic for this month will give you great ideas on how to spice up the celebration!... after the kids have gone to bed... of course ;)

But before getting into the topic, I have an announcement to make:

I have been sending you 1 monthly Spice Sex Up E-zine with tips and information for both you and your partner. I decided it to split up the E-zine and send an separate issue specifically dedicated to the Ladies and another one dedicated to the Guys... Because after all, you know there's some topics for "ladies only!" ;)...

So, from now on you will get every month 2 emails in your inbox, one will be the E-zine for you and the other one for your partner, feel free to share it with him, there will be lots of great info for him too!

Ok, and now let's get to the topic!

Sooo... Are you ready to seduce him? Seduction is an art that keeps the passion alive in a relationship. By constantly trying new ideas, you will keep his interest, attraction and desire for you.

Seducing your man is about doing sexy and provocative things to turn him on and make him desire you soo bad ;).

And as I mentioned in my article "10 Top Ideas To Seduce Him"...

Routine is the biggest enemy of a long term relationship, and we must avoid it at all cost!

So, let's make sure you have plenty of options to choose from to add variety and avoid routine in your relationship... I brought you here are some "clues" about those 10 seduction ideas and the link for you to read the article:

1. Become his fantasy by giving him a little sexy...

2. Take underwear to the next level!

3. Sexy meal (Guess who's the plate?)

4. Massage (No hands...)

5. Ready for a new hair style? (Not the one you're thinking...)

6. Special dessert... The one he really wants!

7. Give him a little "show"

8. Ready to make some money? ;)

9. Wanna talk?... Let's get his heart pumping!

10. Get ready to take control! ;)

I hope I got you curious ;)... Go ahead and take a look at the article an discover those 10 great ideas to seduce your honey!! :)

10 Top Ideas To Seduce Him

Take care & have a month full of LOVE & SEX! ;)

Angie :)

Helping you connect with the best information and solutions for a better love and sex life with your partner!

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