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SpiceSexUp - Tip of the Week! -, Are You Giving Your Honey Oral Love?
April 10, 2015

Spice Sex Up - Tip of the Week!

April 10, 2015

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Are You Giving Your Honey Oral Love?

Hi Ladies & Guys!

It’s Angie with your Spice Sex Up - Tip of the Week!

I hope you're all doing great and getting ready for a loving sexy weekend!

Sooo... Are you giving your honey oral love??? Oral sex is one of the most pleasurable ways to show your partner your love!

Ladies!... Men absolutely LOVE and CRAVE blowjobs more than you can imagine...


Guys!... Guess what?... Women ALSO looove and crave getting oral sex!

Now... Why is it that oral sex is such a delicious craving for most people?

Well, because our warm, wet mouth and tongue can do things that a vagina or a penis simply can't... Lick... Flick... Suck!

However, the reasons why women and men love so much getting oral sex go beyond that... Let's discover why your honey can't wait for you to go down on him/her:

Ladies: Go ahead and read my article:

What Men Want In Bed: 6 Reasons Why Men Love Blow Jobs So Much

Guys: Go ahead and read my article:

Are You Giving Her Oral Sex?... Discover Why Women Love Getting Oral Sex!

I completely assure you that becoming an expert on giving your partner oral sex will take your sex life to the next level.

And the first step to becoming an expert is understanding the reasons why your partner loves, needs and craves so much getting oral love.

Now... just keep in mind this:

Ladies: Men love getting blowjobs so much that many of them even preffer them over intercourse!

Guys: The more you go down on her... the more she will be willing to go down on you!

Enjoy the articles... and give your honey some good oral loving tonight! ;)

Hope you liked the tip for this week!

Go ahead and put it on practice and have fun with your honey this weekend!

See you next week!

Remember! Don't fight... Make love! ;)

Angie :)

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