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SpiceSexUp - Tip of the Week! -, Give It A Little Twist!
July 17, 2015

Spice Sex Up - Tip of the Week!

July 17, 2015

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Give It A Little Twist!

Hi Ladies & Guys!

It’s Angie with your Spice Sex Up - Tip of the Week!

I hope you're all doing great and getting ready for a loving sexy weekend!

Ready to give things in bed a little twist?

Let's face it, sex can easily become rutinary if we don't make the "effort" to vary things a bit.

Variation is the spice on sex! And it doesn't need to be complicated to make a difference!

Sometimes just by "twisting a bit" regular things that we do in bed, it can help us experience different sensations.

Today I brought you a little simple twist you can do to manual stimulation with your partner, so he/she feels something different!

LADIES: When you are giving your honey a hand job, this time, instead of starting by wrapping your hands around his penis, put both of your hands out as if you are going to “clap” and place one on each side of his penis – this Side / Side flat palmed action will be a different sensation for him.

Then you can switch, wrap your hands around his penis and indulge him with different strokes!

Go to How To Give A Hand Job: 13 Hand Job Techniques To Give Him An Amazing Orgasm to find other different strokes to surprise your man.

GUYS: When you are pleasuring your lady with your fingers, instead of inserting your fingers all the way in right away, insert only 1/2 inch of your finger and stimulate the outer ring of her vagina canal by going in and out, in circles and twisting.

Give some good attention to this area because it is packed of sensitive nerves and she’s going to enjoy this so much.

Then, go further inside keeping your finger straight and touch the upper wall of her vagina canal. Go in and out and twist your finger.

Go ahead and take a look at 8 Fingering Techniques To Pleasure Your Woman! to find a variety of techniques to pleasure your lady with your fingers.

Hope you liked the tip for this week!

Go ahead and put it on practice and have fun with your honey this weekend!

See you next week!

Remember! Don't fight... Make love! ;)

Angie :)

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