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Spice Sex Up E-Zine -, 8 Things To Keep Love And Sex Alive!
May 06, 2014

Sex Tips And Techniques For Couples

Spice Sex Up E-zine, Issue #004

May 6, 2014

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8 Things To Keep Love And Sex Alive!

Hi Ladies!... Hi Guys!

It’s Angela Hernandez with your May Spice Sex Up E-Zine!

I hope you're all doing great! This month, I bring you these:

1. 8 things to keep love and sex alive in your relationship.

2. A special greeting for Moms in their month :)

3. Some good news! ;)

But, first things first!

As we all know May is Mother's month, so I wanted to wish all the Mommies subscribers of Spice Sex Up E-zine a very...


Now, before getting into the topic of this E-zine, I have a special message:

* For all the Mommies: I wish you a wonderful day filled with all the love of your kids. All of you deserve more than a big thank you for all your love, dedication and patience. I hope you get all the appreciation you deserve. Happy Mother's Day!

* For all the Daddies: Guys! Make sure you celebrate this special day to your Sexy Mama! ;) Show her how much you love her and how much you appreciate all she does for your kids... and you!... Yeah! I'm sure you're like her big kid for her ;) Pamper her... Romance her!... Love her! :)...

And of course don't forget to get her something nice... What about something that relaxes her and give her a little bit of a break from her mommy's duties... Yeah! you know what I'm talking about! Something romantic... something spicy! ;)

* Now, for all the Ladies & Guys (with or without kids): Make sure to show your love and appreciation to your Mother! :)

Just in case, so you don't forget, Mother's Day this year is on Sunday, May 11 :)

Ok, now let's get into the topic for this E- zine!... LOVE!... and sex, of course ;) Actually, I chose this topic for May E-zine because what a better topic than love to celebrate this special month!

Love is the foundation of a happy, healthy and successful relationship. Sex is great, but the best sex is always the one that is made with love. Sex without love is just a physical act.

Love is what bonds two people together

At the begging of relationship, there is a period of time when "love is in the air" all the time and sex is great!, but as the time goes by, the crazy hormones settle down and the "honey moon effect" is over... Then, everyday challenges, routine, arguments, and problems in a relationship appear and can weaken love in a couple and ultimately affect sex.

Love is like a plant, if you don’t nurture it every day... It will die!


We must strive to continue being in love

And when we nurture love and continue being in love with our partner, sex has also a better chance to stay alive.

So, how do we do that? How to continue being in love?

Well... That's actually what my site it's all about!... Information and tools that help you work on improving your love and sex live. There's always room for improvement, and every single thing you constantly do to make your relationship better will help you keep love and sex alive for years to come.

The 8 Things To Keep Love and Sex Alive that I brought you today come from an article I post on my site that is called: "8 Love Tips To Keep Love Alive In Your Relationship"

It explains you in detail how to take care of 8 of the most important things that are crucial in a relationship to keep love alive... and consequently sex.

Here's the list of those 8 things (no special order, all equally important) and the link for you to read the article and discover how to take care of each one of these very important aspects of your relationship:









Go ahead and take a few minutes to read the article:

I know this doesn't sound like a fun, spicy, hot topic to read, but it could be even more important to address this aspects on a relationship than even learning hundreds of sex tips...

Because when you nurture and improve the core of a relationship - LOVE - immediately all of other aspects in the relationship get better... including sex of course!

So, go ahead and read the article, all of this is a huge part of improving your relationship.

Ok, Ladies and Guys... Now as a final little thing... some great news!

To celebrate Mother's Day, Eden Fantasys the Couple's Store that I recommend in my site has great specials for this month, but they've just launched a great offer only for this week, and I had to let you know quickly, so you can take advantage of it before it expires:

Pretty cool! eh?


Daddies!!... There you have the gift, hurry up!... You can get it shipped next day... and if you don't feel like giving her a sex toy, there's also great gift ideas for romance, passion and relaxation with discounts of up to 50%!

And for all of you who have no kids... I can just tell you one thing... Go ahead and take advantage of those pretty cool Mother's Day sales! ;)

Ok, that's pretty much all for this month, don't forget to read the article and have a month full of LOVE & SEX! ;)

Angela :)

Helping you connect with the best information and solutions for a better love and sex life with your partner!

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