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SpiceSexUp - Tip of the Week! -, "Back Door" Curiosity?
July 10, 2015

Spice Sex Up - Tip of the Week!

July 10, 2015

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"Back Door" Curiosity?

Hi Ladies & Guys!

It’s Angie with your Spice Sex Up - Tip of the Week!

I hope you're all doing great and getting ready for a loving sexy weekend!

Soo... Is anal sex safe? Does it hurt? What’s the best lubricant? Best position?...

Do you have some "Back Door" curiosity??

Great! Here, you'll find the answers to the most common anal sex questions.

Unfortunately, anal sex is still a taboo topic; therefore, there are many questions about it that need answers.

Many people enjoy of this sexual activity, others are scared to death to try it... while many others have it just as a big fantasy.

When it comes to anal sex, usually people have strong opinions... They either like it or hate it!... Many think it is painful, others that it's dangerous... and others that it's wrong!

Lack of information and even bad experiences are the causes of all of these strong opinions about this sexual activity.

So, let's first get clear that anal sex is a normal sexual activity amoung couples, and that there's nothing wrong with you being curious about it or even performing it.

Now, and this is very important for you to know, Anal Sex can be very plasurable or very painful depending on how it is performed... Meaning, if you learn how to perform it right, it can give you some of the most powerful orgasms of your life!

Many people, specially men, fantasy about having anal sex; and many people, specially women, are absolutely scared to even think about it.

So, let's answer some of the biggest questions about anal sex, so men can make their fantasy come true and women can start enjoying of the pleasurable world of anal sex!

For this purpose I wrote an article answering common questions like:

1. Is anal sex safe?

2. Should anal sex hurt?

3. Can it get dirty?

4. Can bacteria get spread and cause infections?

5. Can I get STDs from anal sex?

6. Are anal sex toys safe?

7. Is his spit enough lubrication?

8. What kind of lube is the best for anal sex?

9. Which position is the best for anal sex?

10. Is anal orgasm really possible?

11. Is semen in the anus safe?

12. Is using an enema recommended?

Go ahead, look at the article and get a better idea of what anal sex is all about!

LADIES: 12 Most Anal Sex Questions & Answers

GUYS: Anal Sex Info: 12 Common Questions And Answers About Anal Sex

Hope you liked the tip for this week!

Go ahead and put it on practice and have fun with your honey this weekend!

See you next week!

Remember! Don't fight... Make love! ;)

Angie :)

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