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Spice Sex Up E-Zine -, GUYS! 10 Orgasm Tips To Please Her Every Time
June 05, 2014

Sex Tips And Techniques For Couples

Spice Sex Up E-zine, Issue #005-G

June 5, 2014

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10 Orgasm Tips To Please Her Every Time!

Hi Guys!

It’s Angie with the June Spice Sex Up E-Zine!

I hope you're all doing great!

This month I bring you 10 orgasm tips to please your Lady every time!

But first of all, June is Father’s Month! ;) So, I want to give a special greeting to all of the Guys subscribed to Spice Sex Up E-zine that also happen to be Fathers... Happy Father's Day! Wish you all the best! :)

Now for every one! Before getting into the topic, I have an announcement to make:

I have been sending you 1 monthly Spice Sex Up E-zine with tips and information for both you and your partner. I decided it to split up the E-zine and send an separate issue specifically dedicated to the Guys and another one dedicated to the Ladies.

So, from now on you will get every month 2 emails in your inbox, one will be the E-zine for you and the other one for your partner, feel free to share it with her, there will be lots of great info for her too!

Ok, and now let's get to the topic!

I bet you already know that women LOOOVE orgasms… and many of them! But I know you know that getting your woman to climax every time is not always easy. The problem is that just as you guys expect to orgasm every time you have sex… well, women too!

Yes! We expect to orgasm every time and it's very frustrating when that doesn’t happen. Many orgasms are awesome but at least one is ideal… But 0 orgasms???… hmmm... Not very satisfactory.

Now, women can have different types of orgasms. Some are easier to reach than others, if you make sure that you give her at least one of the “easy orgasms” like a fingering orgasm or an oral sex orgasm, not only will be easier for her to have a vaginal orgasm afterwards, but also she will still feel satisfied if it doesn't happen.

So, I want to give you some orgasm tips for you to make sure that you please your woman every time… one way or another.

Take a look at them and then go ahead an read the full article for the explanation and the details:

1. Start outside the bedroom...

2. Relax her...

3. Ignore the vagina...

4. Change your focus...

5. Try some tips to last longer...

6. Don't use lubricants...

7. Never too much clitoris...

8. Find and stimulate the G spot...

9. Use the best position...

10. Give her oral sex!

Now, go ahead and take a look at the article to get the details about each tip.

10 Really Good Sex Tips To Give Women An Orgasm

Take care & have a month full of LOVE & SEX! ;)

Angie :)

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